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Dr. Abeer Albalawneh

Bio-Environmental Systems Engineering

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Bio-Environmental Systems Engineering

Abeer Albalawneh currently serves as the Advisor to the Director General on Environmental and Water Issues at the Jordanian National Agricultural Research Center (NARC). Previously, she held the position of Director at the Environment and Climate Change Research Directorate at NARC. Dr. Albalawneh earned her Ph.D. in Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering from the National Taiwan University in Taiwan. Additionally, she holds a Master's degree in Environmental Science and Management from the University of Jordan. With 25 years of experience in the agricultural research sector at NARC, Dr. Albalawneh is recognized as a Senior Expert Researcher. Her areas of expertise encompass natural resource management, ecosystem services, climate change, food security, and nonconventional water reuse for irrigation. Throughout her research career, Dr. Albalawneh has led as Principal Investigator (PI) in over 15 projects and served as the main researcher in more than 20 projects. Over the past seven years, she has authored and published more than 24 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Albalawneh's contributions have been acknowledged with two international awards and two national awards. She has also registered a patent of invention (No. 3728, dated 23/5/2021) and received the prestigious "Ideal Government Employees Award," an honor recognizing her as the First, Ideal, and Outstanding Government Employee at the level of all Jordanian governmental ministries and institutions for the Creativity and Innovation Award.